Petite Sweets Pastries

Our Philosophy

At Petite Sweets Pastries...

 ...we believe variety is the best way to truly enjoy food.

 ...we invent fun, unique ways to bring flavors to life.

 ...we bake rich, delicious two bite treats. 


After all, variety is the spice of life. Who says you can only have one dessert?

Our Products

We specialize in whoopie pies - a soft sandwich cookie with fluffy buttercream filling. Whoopie pies are an East Coast staple and we're bringing them to the Twin Cities! Our whoopies are mini but they have the flavor of a full size treat. We also offer cake pops and bars and every item on our menu is baked with real, high quality ingredients.

Petite Sweets Pastries, LLC is based in Minneapolis, MN, baking at Kindred Kitchens in North Minneapolis. All online orders are baked fresh when we receive them and delivered to you. Look for us at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market and other local events!

Melissa's Story

I have been baking for as long as I can remember. My mom is a fantastic cook and baker and as a child we spent time in the kitchen together making fresh bread and cookies. I still smile thinking back on the bread dough kneading lessons on the big wooden cutting board next to her pea green KitchenAid mixer and of waiting for the kolachkes to be ready for me to top with apricot and cherry fruit filling. I've taken that love of baking with me through the years first baking my favorite recipes from a worn Betty Crocker Cookbook to now writing and creating my own fresh, warm and delicious sweets.

Petite Sweets Pastries' start was truly serendipitous. I was making so many cookies for fun that I just couldn't eat them fast enough. So I started sharing them with friends, neighbors and co-workers. Everyone loved them (especially the flavors I created myself) and over time began asking me to bake for events and gifts. I created a menu to make ordering and pricing easier and there it was - Petite Sweets Pastries was born! 

I truly hope you enjoy all of our delicious sweets!

-Melissa Gallant, Owner